Nikki's Nature

Hypnotherapy is simply hypnosis that is used for a therapeutic purpose.  Your aim ini undergoing a hypnotherapy session with Nikki might be to lose weight, stop smoking, get over a particular fear, manage stress, beat insomnia, unlock your creative potential, help to manage pain, remove bad habits, prepare for childbirth and more.  It is even used for working on the more metaphysical aspects of consciousness such as past life regression, ancestral healing or communing with spirit guides.  Whatever the current goal or stumbling block may be for you, hypnosis is very likely to be able to help.  Nikki's style of hypnosis involves an incredibly pleasant and deeply relaxing session where you are guided through visualizations and cues to bring you into the hypnotic state.  The suggestions then provided will come from a script that has been personally written for you based on your goal, habits and emotions.  You will come away feelig refreshed and newly empowered, and will also learn a self-hypnosis technique so that you can continue strengthening your intention on an ongoing basis after your session, whenever you choose.  Nikki also provides a recording for you to listen to after the session as a follow up tool as well so that you are set up to have the best success possible.

Many people think of stage hypnosis performances when they think of hypnosis.  This is extremely different from therapeutic hypnosis.  Have no fear, for in a hypnotherapy session you will remember everything, remain fully conscious and never do or say anything that is not in line with your highest personal and moral standards.  In fact, the session is meant for you to be your most fully relaxed, authentic self so that the stresses and thoughts of your everyday life can stop preventing you from achieving your goal.  If you have any questions or concerns about hypnosis or whether it is right for you, don't hesitate to call or email.  Contact information can be found at the bottom of the home page.