Nikki's Nature

Reiki Session:  A typical Reiki session would last for an hour and cost $85.  The first client visit will normally take a little longer than an hour to assist in establishing the client/healer relationship and setting the intention for the treatment.  Each energy healing session may include some or all of the following:  aromatherapy, crystal healing, vibrational (singing bowls and tuning forks) healing and guided imagery as indicated by client need and preference.

Shamanic Reiki:  A shamanic Reiki session is also an energy healing session but is complemented by guidance on how to journey into non-ordinary reality during the work and may be supported by using natural items and other techniques including feathers, rocks, salt, plants, etc.  Regular cost is $85 for a one hour session.

Tarot Intuitive Reading:  $40 for a thirty minute session, $60 for an hour

Rune or Ogham Casting Reading:  $40 for a thirty minute session, $60 for an hour

Spell Casting:  Provided I agree to the purpose, $85 to conduct the ritual for you solo in my own temple area, usually with a $10 add on for candles and supplies needed.  You will be alerted to the time the ritual is actually being done so you can add your focus, and you will be given follow-up instructions for offerings to make, etc.

In-Person Eclectic Spell Session:  This is a more casual spell session where energy work is done on the client, with added magickal influences to help you achieve your goal.  Because of the secret nature of some magickal ritual acts, the ritual component of this is less formalized than if I were to do the spell for you alone.  $85 to conduct plus $10 for supplies needed.

Personal Dream Work Session:  $85 for an hour session.  In this type of session you will have assistance in examining the messages of your own dreams, learn how to improve your dream recall and receive training and assistance to learn how to reenter your dream actively by shamanic methods in order to gain further insights or information.  This can be an incredibly amazing process, and allows an opening to the true wonders and healing connections that our dreams offer.

Auricular Therapy Session:  $45 for first session, then $30 for follow up placements.  This session involves the placing of adhesive ear seeds to acupuncture points in the ear to stimulate the proper meridians for your issue, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory.  This has many benefits and the seeds can be left in for 4-5 days so that you can continue the energy work ongoing by pressing on the seeds to restimulate the meridians even after your session.

Reiki Practitioner Level 1 Training:  Reiki level 1 is a course to teach and attune you to become a practitioner yourself so that you may provide energy healing to yourself and others.  This is generally a 6 hour course.  This can be scheduled with you personally if you can't attend one of the group classes, and costs $125.

Once you are a Reiki practitioner you can continue building on your healing abilities and options, each course having the prerequisites of the levels below it.  I will accept practitioners for upper level trainings that have been done with another instructor if official certificates can be provided. Please feel free to ontact me for more information on any of these courses.

Reiki Practitioner Level 2 training:  $150

Reiki Level 3/Advanced Practitioner training:  $175

Reiki Master/Teacher level training:  $300