Nikki's Nature
In addition to being highly credentialed in both Western medicine and natural healing methods, Nikki is also a formally trained and initiated Witch and Priestess.  Her training was through the Religious Order of Witchcraft, a longstanding New Orleans coven, and she is now the founder and High Priestess of the Society of Witchcraft and Old Magick here in Canton, CT, which is a large and flourishing traditional and private occult training order.   Magickal services are available as follows, and can also be customized according to your needs:

Spell Work:  A ritual of spell working for your personal goal can be carried out on your behalf. The ritual would be conducted privately, and follow-up instructions provided to you after it has been carried out in order to keep the workings going.  Pricing for most spells is $75 unless extraordinary supplies or processes are required, which would be determined beforehand.

Eclectic in-Person Magickal Spell or Healing Session:  This is similar to a Reiki energy healing session except that ritual and magickal components are brought in to help you more specifically with your goals.  This is often used for negative energy removal, psychic protection, removing blockages keeping you from reaching your goals, helping with manifestation of a desire, enhancing psychic experiences and so on.  This is approximately a one hour session ad the cost is the same as a Reiki session:  $75.

House Cleansing/Blessing:  Nikki will come to your location and perform a ritual elemental cleansing and blessing of the space to help rid negativities and create the sacred atmosphere you need to be in.  Inquire about full exorcism if you think there is a serious entity problem.  Routine house cleansing/blessing fee is $75 for locations within 20 minutes of Canton, CT.  Further locations are negotiable but would require an additional travel fee proportionate with distance.

Feel free to inqure about magickal training and study/practice in our coven, the Society of Witchcraft and Old Magick, if you feel called to do so.  We do not hold open rituals, and the training is a very high quality, structured year and a day initiation program.  This is for the serious and dedicated student of magick-  a person who holds and lives in an enchanted worldview and has the fullest desire to weave that magick into the rest of his or her life.  Nikki is happy to meet with any person who has more questions about this and what it entails, for it is the duty of the High Priestess to pass the Old Ways on to every suitable soul that would seriously undertake the teachings, much in the same vein that they were taught and passed to her.